Deluxe Lockable Leather Wrist / Ankle Cuffs

Irelands dungeon

SKU: AT-MW-X4083


There's a reason policemen clap handcuffs on criminals - nothing enables swifter demobilisation. Take a tip from the old bill with this set, which offers the same restraint but with luxuriously padded, durable leather and a bold red and metal stud design

Each BDSM cuff features a sturdy central D-ring connected via a quick-release lobster clasp. Clip them together, or use the double-ended clasp to secure your sub's cuffs to other BDSM accessories to create a full-body fetish restraint system.Perfect for recreational and professional S&M play, these unique red and black bondage cuffs inject a punch of colour to your toy box.

Colour: Black + Red

Length: 35 cm/13.8 inch (Include lock belt)

Width: 6 cm/2.4 inch

Chain Length: 15.5 cm/6.1 inch

Material: PVC(Faux Leather)