62.5 mm Length Sadistic Penis Plug

Irelands dungeon



This exquisite Sadistic cock and ball Plug toy offers three different devices in one design. It is a combination glans ring, attachment aid and long-term Prince‘s Wand. This is ideal for men who want to have great cock and ball fun (and for those who want to control that fun every step of the Sadistic way).

Simply place the Prince‘s Wand plug through the urethra. As the penis slips through the ring, notice the hole that remains in the rod. This allows the user to be able to cum and urinate -- unless controlling those actions are part of the activity. Then the Dom can just cover the hole with their finger.There are 6 screws that encircle the ring. Should a person want to engage in cock discipline, they can use the Allen wrench (included) to tighten the screws against the cock.

While all of this is going on, the stainless steel finish of the device gives it a stylish and polished look and feel.

Specifications: Made of solid stainless steel, the glans ring has an internal diameter of 32 mm. Prince‘s Wand, anatomically shaped: diameter 7 mm, overall length approximately 62.5 mm, approximately 56 mm of which can be inserted. Long-term use is possible.